Former Planned Parenthood director to appear on O'Reilly Friday

The 40 Days for Life blog is reporting that Abby Johnson, the former director of the Bryan, TX, Planned Parenthood who quit her job earlier this month and is now a pro-life convert, will appear on The O'Reilly Factor Friday night.

Read my previous post giving Johnson's backstory here.

The Associated Press has an update on PP's attempted restraining order against Johnson...

The injunction... prevents Johnson and the [Brazos Valley C]oalition [for Life] from releasing anything that Johnson, who was executive director for about 2 years, may have retained while working at PP - at least until the hearing.

Coalition Director Shawn Carney [pictured left] said Monday that there was not a campaign to reveal private information. He said PP's actions were unnecessary and an overreaction.

Lawyers for PP wrote in court documents filed Friday that Johnson was seen copying confidential personnel files and possibly other documents in the days before she abruptly resigned on Oct. 6. The clinic's lawyers expressed worry in the filings that Johnson might release clients' medical records, information about doctors who work at the clinic and the clinic's security measures.

Johnson said in a telephone interview with The Eagle that she didn't turn over any documents to the Coalition for Life.

"I didn't provide any because I don't have any," she said.

Contact: Jill Stanek
Publish Date: November 3, 2009
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