Study links depression, abortion

 Depression after an Abortion

Another study in a line of scientific reports links depression and anxiety with abortion.
The study was done by New Zealand pro-abortion professor David Ferguson, who, according to Anglicans for Life president Georgette Forney, looks at the data and decides that it speaks for itself.
"When you look at the medical history of over 500 women, they realized that abortion leads to significant distress and that some of that distress will manifest itself in mental health problems or physical problems," Forney says.
However, the current healthcare reform measure approved by the Senate includes government-funded abortion, which could ultimately lead to more abortions. The pro-life leader sees irony in that.
"For a country that is seeking to prevent mental and physical health issues, and we're watching people who are overweight now and preventing diabetes and heart problems, here we are on the other side of it -- [and] because it's the issue of abortion, we can't touch it and it's okay that we're going to create additional health problems for women," the Anglicans for Life president contends.
The Silent No More Awareness campaign is trying to educate women about the health problems that accompany abortion and provide referrals for assistance. Forney adds that is because the pro-abortion groups refuse to recognize the harm and to help people deal with it.

Charlie Butts
Publish Date: January 15, 2010
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