Personhood USA Announces Coast-to-Coast Personhood for 2010 Roe vs. Wade Memorial
Personhood USA
WASHINGTON - Personhood USA organizers have announced plans for a nationwide sweep for Personhood to recognize the tragic anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision.

Beginning in Washington D.C. on Thursday, January 21, Personhood USA cofounder, Keith Mason, will speak about Personhood USA's 40-state effort at American Life League's Activism Conference.

Currently, Personhood USA is activating dozens of team members to distribute 40,000 pieces of literature encouraging the mobilization of thousands of marchers in Washington D.C. These marchers will also be invited to become involved in Personhood efforts in their home states.

Personhood USA leaders including Keith Mason will then participate in Personhood events in Colorado and Mississippi where there are ongoing, vital signature drives for placing Personhood on those states' ballots.

Finally, following a speech at Colorado Right to Life's March for Life, a Personhood USA team will participate in California's Walk for Life. There, Personhood USA will help the recently launched California Human Rights Campaign in its Personhood initiative by distributing 100,000 Personhood petitions and activating volunteers.

"Personhood is a revolution of the pro-life movement," stated Keith Mason. "It challenges what's been done in the past, stimulates the movement's present, and eradicates the need for pro-life efforts in the future. Personhood is the best hope to end abortion in America."

As mentioned in a recent World Net Daily article, Personhood is the unofficial theme of the Roe v. Wade memorial in 2010. The Roe v. Wade memorial events will promote awareness of Personhood rights for preborn babies and educate hundreds of thousands of people.

"Personhood is thriving because it is a no-compromise approach to ending baby murder," explained Cal Zastrow, cofounder of Personhood USA. "When we started 14 months ago, we only had Colorado on board. God has blessed our efforts by raising up thousands of grassroots activists to work on Personhood in over 40 states!"

Keith Mason
Personhood USA
Publish Date: January 18, 2010
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