Abortion revelation amps pro-life protest

Pro-life Protest at the Madison Surgery Center of the University of Wisconsin

Pro-life groups continue to protest a proposal for abortions at the Madison Surgery Center of the University of Wisconsin (UW), especially since encountering a new revelation.

Pro-Life Wisconsin and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) obtained records through the Freedom of Information Act. Peggy Hamill, director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, reports on the findings.
"The documents confirm that UW is already involved in research using aborted baby body parts," she explains. "This is something that Pro-Life Wisconsin has known for many, many years, but these documents in print confirm that."
The records also indicate the School of Medicine is involved, so Hamill concludes that the documents reveal plans for the new abortion facility. "They reveal that it is very likely that babies that will be aborted, should this late-term abortion facility open, will become an in-house source of fresh, economic fetal body parts for UW-Madison medical research," she says.
The Pro-Life Wisconsin director underscores that people with a respect for life of the unborn will not stand for the government sanctioning of their killing. She goes on to say that "until the blood stops flowing, these institutions can be assured pro-lifers will stand up for innocent pre-born babies."

Charlie Butts
Publish Date: February 6, 2010
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