Botched abortion = suspended license

A late-term abortionist in Florida has temporarily lost his medical license.

Late Term Abortionist James Pendergraft 

The State Medical Board has suspended the license of James Pendergraft for two years and is requiring him to pay $20,000 in administrative costs. In addition, Pendergraft will be under three years' probation when his license is restored and under the direct supervision of a board-certified OB-GYN.
Cheryl Sullinger, spokesperson for Operation Rescue, indicates that in the latest case, the abortionist perforated the uterus of a woman and gave her an overdose of drugs.
"The Florida Board said that he had a flagrant disregard for the laws of the state of Florida and a willingness to endanger the lives and health of his pregnant patients," Sullinger reports. "I think that's a pretty strong condemnation of him and his lack of medical skills," she adds.
Operation Rescue is shocked that Pendergraft did not receive a permanent revocation of his license because of his history, and Sullinger believes Pendergraft will not abandon the abortion business because he owns five clinics with others performing abortions.

"So there's no incentive for him really to get out of the abortion business as long as his clinics remain open and the money keeps flowing into his pockets," the spokesperson notes.
The pro-life spokeswoman says Operation Rescue will continue to keep Pendergraft under a microscope as activists are encouraged to monitor his clinics and report suspicious goings-on.

Charlie Butts
Publish Date: February 10, 2010
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