Illinois - 'an island of abortion' for neighbors

Officials in Rockford, Illinois, have delayed action on a proposed "bubble zone" ordinance that would limit pro-life counseling at a local abortion clinic.
Rockford City Hall

The city council was considering an ordinance that would keep pro-life demonstrators 100 feet away from the clinic and eight feet away from people entering the facility. Tom Brechja, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Society, reports the city council delayed a vote on the ordinance for two months -- and that currently there are considerable numbers of young people going into the clinic because the state has no parental notification law.

"Of course, Illinois is an island of abortion in the Midwest," Brechja comments. "We draw folks from out of state. We see a parade of child predators bringing their young victims there to erase the evidence of their crimes in other states where parents have to be notified [of an abortion]."

According to the attorney, the owner of the Northern Illinois Women's Center, Rockford's abortion clinic, has hung rubber chickens by a noose in his window -- and among efforts to mock Christians displays a picture of Jesus with an obscene reference next to it.

"He's worn a devil's suit on occasion outside," Brechja illustrates. "He had a sewage truck brought up to threaten pro-life demonstrators, believe it or not. [He's] a horrible fellow."

The Thomas More Society president counts the vote delay as a limited victory. A final victory will be declared only if the ordinance is rejected, and Brechja says the Thomas More Society stands ready to provide legal protection for pro-lifers if it does pass.

Charlie Butts
Publish Date: February 19, 2010
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