IFRL Mission Statement


The primary purpose of the corporation is to present fully detailed and factual information upon which individuals and the general public may make an informed decision about the various topics of fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide and euthanasia by:


- Developing and maintaining educational programs factually depicting the growth and development of the unborn child, such programs suitable for children of various ages for use by colleges, universities, civic groups, clubs, organizations, and churches.


- Developing and maintaining similar educational programs on the issues of abortion, abortion alternatives, infanticide and euthanasia.


- Providing educational materials including, but not limited to, films, books, slides, and pamphlets to all interested individuals, schools or organizations.


- Publishing the IFRL News to provide current information on recent events related to the aforementioned topics.


- Providing information to the general public, and in particular to women who are or may be faced with untimely or problem pregnancies, concerning support systems and services available to provide assistance to them.


- Providing knowledgeable individuals from the fields of medicine and law to participate in radio and television programs on the above topics.


- To provide an organizational structure, as broadly based as possible, for collective citizen action in defense of the right to life and as an affiliate to National Right to Life Committee, Inc., to carry out their aims and purposes at the Congressional District level.


- To promote and fully support the candidacy for elective office of those persons committed to the above purposes.


- To promote with unceasing perseverance, the passage of a Human Life Amendment to the Constitution of the United States, that will guarantee the right to life of every innocent person from the moment of fertilization to natural death.