Voter Identification Program

IFRL through continuous surveying of registered voters of Illinois, maintains an accurate mailing list of voters who committed to Life.


Are you a Pro-Life voter?

Please take the time to fill out our online Voter Identification Survey.


Responses to this survey will be kept strictly confidential.  Results will be compiled for statistical analysis, public education about life issues and will be an important tool for IFRL's campaign work.  Please click "SUBMIT SURVEY" when finished or "CLEAR SURVEY" to restart.


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During recent years, abortion has become a major issue in the country.  Are you FOR or AGAINST abortion...except to save the life of the mother?

Do you think tax money should be used to pay for abortions?

If you answered "AGAINST" in question one, please answer the this question, if you answered "FOR" please skip to the next question

Would you support passing a law to prevent abortion except to save the life of the mother?

Would you vote AGAINST a candidate because he/she supports abortion?

Would you vote AGAINST a candidate because he/she does not supports abortion?

Do you think abortion should be performed on a minor, unmarried girls without parental consent or knowledge?

How many registered voters in your house hold agree with you on this issue?

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