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Right now, Morgan County Right to Life invites you to take part in our mission for the year 2018 with our Morgan County Right to Life Membership Drive 2018.     

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2018 Membership Drive

Attention High School and College Students

Morgan County Right to Life is committed to both fighting for the rights of the unborn, and providing education and resources to those in need. 


 Morgan County Right to Life also has monthly meetings in which we discuss issues, exchange resources, conduct business and have a guest speaker.  They are on the second Thursday of the month from 7:00 to 8:30 pm in Meeting Room 4 of Passavant Area Hospital, 1600 W. Walnut, Jacksonville, IL  62651. Please feel free to attend these meetings at any time.



 "Before you were born, I knew you" - Jeremiah 1:5

About Morgan County Right to Life

We take a very multifaceted approach including the following…


    *      Direct aid to the local Crisis Pregnancy Center;

    *      Distribute to life-affirming educational materials to schools in Morgan County;

    *      Programs at Illinois College and MacMurray College;

    *      Programs and special speakers in the area;

    *      Educational exhibits at the Morgan County Fair and the Illinois State Fair;

    *      Pro-Life advertisements in area newspapers;

    *      Financial support to state and national affiliates

Morgan County Right to Life has several membership categories:


    *      $10 donation will give you a membership in the local (Morgan County) chapter.  You can choose to be an active, inactive or associate member.  You will receive a quarterly newsletter with local news (unless you tell us otherwise).

    *      $15 donation will give you a local membership, as well as a membership in the Illinois Federation for Right to Life membership and its monthly newspaper.

    *      $20 donation will give you the local and state memberships listed above, as well as the National Right to Life membership and its monthly newspaper.

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For more information, please write us at:


Morgan County Right to Life

P.O. Box 185

Jacksonville, IL  62651

E-mail us at: to morganrtl@mchsi.com

Call us at: (217) 243-3741